If You Love Football, You’ll Love Sunday Night

Tanner Kern

Every day as I go to work, I wake up and say, “How can you not love football?”


Personally, I think it’s impossible not to love football. It’s the greatest game in the world, and the NFL is the best league in the world. All professional athletes are superheroes, but football players are gladiators.


A football stadium is a modern-day coliseum, so watching the sport is at our roots as human beings. On Sunday night, the coliseum will be Arrowhead Stadium, and it will feature the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs.


This matchup is by far the best game of the weekend on paper. If you love football, and you are not on the edge of your seat for every snap, you should check your pulse.


The reigning, defending, undisputed champions of the AFC are favored by 1.5 against Buffalo. This will be a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game, and most of the money has come in on the Bills.


I personally am betting on the Chiefs because I think the combination of home field and some of the key proprietary stats make them appealing in a pick’em matchup. However, both these are truly the two best teams in the AFC, and this is the conference championship game one week early.


The Bills are more efficient than the Chiefs as they rank seventh in the Quality Stats Power Rankings compared to the Chiefs at seventh. Yet, this game is going to be very close based on some of the key metrics.


Buffalo and Kansas City are seventh and eighth in Real Quarterback Rating, the most indicative stat of championship football teams. Both gunslingers are extremely talented, but Mahomes has proven he can win on the biggest stage, so I am leaning towards the red and yellow here.

In the trenches, the Chiefs are first in Offensive Hog Index, and the Bills are second. The main justification people are using for betting on the Bills is the defense.


This is a valid defense as the unit is first in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating and Defensive Passer Rating. They are also fourth in Defensive Hog Index, despite struggling against the run this season.


I still believe the Chiefs present many issues for the Bills, with their downfield weapons like Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman, along with Travis Kelce. Also, look for Kansas City to try to run the ball more with Clyde Edwards-Helaire because Buffalo is 25th in Defensive Rusher Rating.


The stats are very conflicting on this game, and when this is the case, you must totally go with your gut. The Chiefs have done it before on the biggest stage, and the Bills still have not gotten over the hump. Considering this game is at Arrowhead Stadium, it’s hard to go against Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs Kingdom.