Mental Mismatches Divisional Playoffs

Matthew Malec

Most teams left grade out fairly well on the Intelligence Index at this point in the season, but that does not mean we will stop hunting for value. Let’s dive in.

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers (-6)

The Packers have the largest Intelligence Index edge of the week, at seven spots. Both sides rank lower than one might expect. Green Bay checks in at 12th while the Niners are just 19th, the two lowest remaining teams. Nevertheless, the Packers should have the edge with extra rest and prep time.

THE PICK: Packers -250

Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans (-3.5)

The only game this week where the underdog holds the edge is in Tennessee, where the Bengals hold a three-spot edge over the Titans. These are the sorts of shots we have to take at plus money, even though the edge is relatively small. Back Joe Burrow to keep balling and winning.

THE PICK: Bengals +165

The other two games are simply too close for much of a Mental Mismatch to be discerned, so we only have two selections for this week.