Brady is Just a Piece of Bucs Success

Tanner Kern

When Tom Brady came to Tampa Bay, he completely changed the franchise's culture. The quarterback hoisted the Lombardi with his new team last season. Brady played very well last year, and he was even better in 2021, but the GOAT is just a piece of Tampa Bay's success.


The Buccaneers need Brady under center because he is still so good at 44 years of age. However, the seven-time Super Bowl champ has overshadowed many great aspects of this team. The Buccaneers rank first in the Quality Stats Power Rankings, and for good reason.


Tampa Bay is the most efficient team in football when it comes to quarterback play and many other areas of our proprietary stats. The Buccaneers rank second in Real Quarterback Rating and seventh in Offensive Passer Rating.


These two categories are critical for predicting championship teams, but the Buccaneers have much more to showcase. The team is terrific on the defensive side of the football, and the tale is as old as time: DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.


The Buccaneers rank seventh in Defensive Passer Rating and fourth in Defensive Real Passing Yards/Attempt. They also are positioned in the top ten for Bendability, so they do not give up easy scores. Offenses typically have to work for points against Tampa Bay.


The Buccaneers are strong against the pass, but they are terrific against the run. There are very few teams that can play the run better than Tampa Bay.


The team ranks third in Defensive Rusher Rating and fourth in Rusher Rating Differential.


To win in the NFL, it's critical to play complementary football. Between Brady's offense and the defense's strength, the Buccaneers yield a lot of wins. They are third in Total Team Yards Differential and second in Real Quarterback Rating Differential.


A lot of people are high on the Rams this weekend, and this is obviously your choice. However, the numbers are heavy towards the Buccaneers.


I know Matthew Stafford is now America's sweetheart after winning one playoff game, but he is no Tom Brady. More importantly, the Rams are not the Buccaneers.